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True Complete View of Your Organic Search Data

Aloha Quanery, a game-changing SEO tool launched in 2018, provides marketers and webmasters a comprehensive and accurate view of website traffic by capturing all incoming queries from Google search engine. It allows you to completely understand how people are searching for your products and services. Knowing which keywords are being used and what questions are being asked can also help you create high quality content, which proves to be valuable to your online business.

Why Aloha

SEO Platform

Build a healthy online presence and understand your website SEO potentials with our proprietary SEO data platforms. We continuously develop and enhance the functionalities for our existing platforms including Site Health Enhancer (S.H.E.), Quanery, Quanery Lite, and Revamplify.

Making SEO Approachable to Marketers

Visualize your website’s SEO status and understand the key fixes for potential growth. Our SEO tools cater for users’ SEO needs at various levels and stages, from website design/redesign SEO to ongoing SEO maintenance.


Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Let your data tell how consumers are interacting with your website on search engines. Leveraging the data potentials of our SEO platforms, we handle large and complex data sets with a modern statistical approach to draw insights and bring about digital marketing best practice.


Strategy to Sustain Online Presence

SEO is an ongoing process as the online landscape is rapidly shaped by various factors such as search algorithms, competitors, and user behaviour. We support our clients with consistent technical and page-level optimization. Our technology also enables us to help our clients create data-driven content strategies.

What is Google Search Console?​

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps webmasters monitor and maintain site’s presence in Google Search results. It lets you get the data, tools and diagnostics needed to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps.

Quanery vs Google Search Console

If you are a regular Google Search Console user, you probably notice that Google Search Console interface is limited to export a maximum of 1,000 rows of data per report only.

For a website that receives abundant organic traffic, how much useful query data is missed out due to Google Search Console’s limitation? Results showed that Quanery was able to capture full set of data, which is 24 times the data captured from Google Search Console.

Evaluation of SEO tools: Google Search Console vs Quanery

Check out our latest report to compare the benefits of Google Search Console and Quanery, and master how you could leverage data drawn from the tools to start building a solid foundation of your brand’s digital presence.

Why Aloha Quanery?

Aloha Quanery ables to extract full set of queries pool fast without Google Search Console’s 1,000-row limitations.

With Aloha Quanery, a comprehensive view of your data set is finally possible, and this is 100% reflective of your actual traffic.

No more guesswork about what content you should create to drive the most traffic. With Aloha Quanery, you can plan your keyword and content strategy driven by solid data.


With our proprietary algorithm, Aloha Quanery AI helps classifying your queries into 4 major groups based on the meaning and relevancy of queries – Brand, Brand Plus, Generic and Others. Leveraging on our solid marketing experience, these categorized queries are the key essence of user search behaviours, which allows you to easily understand your brand position in the digital world.

Secure, Reliable Data Processing

With the capability to provide a website’s full set of organic search data, Quanery handles large amounts of organic search data from around the world every day.

To provide services in a reliable and responsible manner, Quanery processes and stores clients’ website data in secure servers provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) located in Singapore. By leveaging AWS – one of the world’s most secure infrastructure, our clients’ website data is well-protected with encryption in both transit and at rest and ensure only be accessed by authorized identities.

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