Our Story - What does Aloha mean

Aloha, a word rooted in the Hawaiian culture, is commonly utilized as a greeting and as an expression of love.

The word “Aloha” also holds a deeper meaning within the culture of interacting rightfully in the natural world – we seek to treat each other with righteousness and with love – to create a culture of equality and of an environment for idea sharing so to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

Aloha sets the foundation as we develop our own SEO technology to enable digital transformation for our clients to greet the world in the digital space –  to say “aloha” to their online audience using natural website reach.

Our own digital marketing technology

At Aloha, we emphasize our developments in SaaS based SEO platforms. Our current portfolio includes a mixture of diagnostics, analytics, visualization, automation and AI applications through Site Health Enhancer (S.H.E.), Quanery, Quanery Lite, and Revamplify.  From identifying technical errors, automating ongoing on-site implementations, to understanding search intent through analytics, marketers and developers can maximize their website SEO potential and build a healthy online presence.

A passionate team of digital marketing and tech experts

We are a passionate team that leverages proprietary SEO technology, together with digital knowhow, to drive ongoing innovations in digital marketing. We believe in data, and the valuable business insights generated from analyzing it properly. Empowered by automation and AI applications, our team strives to deliver digital marketing best practices in an efficient manner. 


The digital space shouldn’t be like rocket science; let Aloha be the bridge to transform your business digitally in an easier and more approachable way!

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