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Simple registration, ready to go in 30 min


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RankBot’s keywords research module finds trending search terms and most importantly can group related keywords together to understand customer intention.”
Ronald Wong
VP – Brand, Digital & Social Marketing
Yuu Rewards
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SEO and technology naturally come hand in hand. Aloha’s capability to utilize its 1st party Quanery platform to enhance our organic performance is a critical factor in our company’s decision to continue our partnership during our 2-year span. We are excited about the company’s developments and looking forward to further applications and collaboration that can be foundational ad tech stacks for further strengthening our digital presence.
William Chan
General Manager – Customer Innovation
Hang Lung Properties
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RankBot helps me to perform keyword research and suggests high-traffic keyword combinations. What used to take hours of research is now accomplished in just a few minutes, flawlessly and with actionable insights derived from data. With this tool, I can now create high-traffic content with a 90% time-saving.
Freelance content creator