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A well-rounded website comes with both an appealing visual appearance and strong performance. Aloha operates as a 3rd party consultant to marketers – collaborating with both marketers and their website designers throughout the entire website revamp journey to ensure best-in-class SEO practices are adhered to. During the redesign process, we investigate various aspects of your website including website architecture, SEO application, UX, layout and content.

Aloha is a trusted website revamp partner for various well-known local brands and multinational enterprises. Our team relies on Revamplify, our proprietary website revamp SEO tool, together with our strong domain expertise, to manage website revamp projects from local to regional scales.

Why is Consultation important to your Revamp Success

During the process of website migration and relaunch, traffic loss might seem inevitable. But with proper planning and preparation, you can always minimize the impacts. There are multiple technical and content aspects you can optimize to ensure a smooth transition from old to new website. 

Through analyzing your current website data, we ensure top-performing content is migrated to the new site. We provide guidelines on SEO best practices on migration, technical, and content areas, enabling a successful relaunch with optimized results.

We bring SEO and UX together

A good website design needs to cater to both website visitors and search engines. 

While your website designer focuses on creating the best stylish design, we ensure SEO elements are identified and preserved throughout all revamp processes from preparation, production, to launch and post-launch stage.

Powered by Revamplify, we offer comprehensive SEO consultation that covers on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO and content elements.

To ensure seamless UX, the platform also covers website experience elements including navigation bar, buttons, colour usage and page speed.

Gear up with Our Own SEO Technology

Leveraging our SEO technology and expertise, our team brings website revamp best practices to your entire website revamp journey. Our website revamp tool Revamplify is a centralized platform that ensures an SEO-friendly and accurate migration.

Revamplify taps into valuable SEO data, so that you can plan and evaluate which content to migrate to the new site. When your new site is launched, you can use Revamplify to run instant health check to ensure accurate redirects based on your initial migration plan.

We Help Optimize at Each Stage of Your Website Revamp

Before Production

We review historical content and evaluate current SEO practices.

  • Website Architecture Study
  • Content Gap Study
  • Website Traffic Contributors Study
  • SEO Elements to migrate
  • Layout & UX Audit

During Production

We apply best in class SEO elements on migration, technical, and content areas.

  • Page Standardization
  • Proper Tagging
  • Migration Plan
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical Audit at UAT Stage

After Launch

We audit website post-launch and ensure traffic is migrated to new website.

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Indexing & Deindexing Practices
  • Redirect Check & Handling
  • Live Audit


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