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Aloha introduces its new website revamp SEO tool Revamplify

As a fast-growing digital marketing tech company, Aloha continuously develops new SEO tools while enhancing its existing Quanery and S.H.E. Today, the team introduces its new platform Revamplify as a dedicated tool designed and developed to amplify SEO throughout website revamp journey.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has always been an important priority for a brand’s online presence. Revamplify’s various functions and features are designed to sustain brand exposure in organic search throughout the entire website revamp period.

Data analytics to ensure an SEO-friendly website revamp plan

Revamplify taps into valuable data to help ensure all important SEO elements are incorporated inro the revamp plan along with a structured migration process. The platform consolidates valuable website data including impressions, clicks and average positions, as well as backlinks data of each webpage. The data helps clients to understand SEO values of webpages within the old website. With these insights, during new website structure planning, the team can ensure that webpages with significant SEO values are migrated to the new site.

Website organic search data consolidated by Revamplify for SEO value evaluation


Workflow standardization to increase migration accuracy

Revamplify ensures a structured workflow in website migration processes. Within its workflow, Revamplify centralizes migration mapping where historical website data references are automatically captured and stored. This allows clients to revisit the old webpage format even after the new site is launched to ensure page content is mapped accurately.

Revamplify helps minimize website traffic and ranking loss after website revamp. Once the new site is launched, using the platform, clients can automate redirection status check at their fingertips. The platform will run a thorough health check so that the team can handle any potential fixes in a timely manner.

Redirection checking report by Revamplify


Safeguard SEO for website revamp

Leveraging our SEO expertise and technology, Aloha’s team brings website revamp best practices to the entire website revamp journey. Operating as a 3rd party consultant to marketers, we collaborate with both marketers and their website designers to ensure best-in-class SEO practices are adhered to. During the redesign process, the team investigates various aspects of the website including website architecture, SEO application, UX, layout and content.

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