You are currently viewing Google’s new development to watch – “about this result” feature launched in the U.S.

Google’s new development to watch – “about this result” feature launched in the U.S.

Google announced its new feature that helps searchers better understand the search results listing before clicking on it. This “about this result” box can pop up when a searcher clicks on the top three dots on the right top corner of the search result.

What information can searchers know from this “about this result” feature?

The new feature provides searchers basic description about the website and whether the site is secure. The site description will be based on its Wikipedia profile, indexing information and other information on that site. At the bottom, it also shows if the search listing is paid for or not.

How does it look like?

Google about this search feature

Example of how the “about this search” looks on mobile.

Image Source: Google

Example of how the “about this search” looks on desktop for Aloha’s website.


What does it mean for your SEO?

The new feature started to roll out on February 1, 2021, in English in the U.S. search results on mobile web, desktop and the Android Google app. We will wait to find out how searchers react to and use this new feature.

In the event this feature expands to Asia markets, website developers and SEOs should review their company Wikipedia listing and ensure a proper website security certificate.

Review your Wikipedia listing

The below example displays Google using Wikipedia information under “source”. The search engine believes the added feature can provide additional information to give searchers context and detail, especially when searching for something important such as health or financial information.

Google does not change or edit the site description when information is sourced from Wikipedia since the information has been verified and regularly updated by hundreds, if not thousands of global Wikipedia editors. Companies must not neglect the importance of its Wikipedia profiles. Make sure to monitor and update it regularly.

Image Source: Google

For businesses with no Wikipedia listing, the “about this search box” may show you other descriptions that are available, such as when Google first indexed the site. 

Safeguard your website security (https)

Google considers a website with HTTPS certificate as secure. With the new feature, searchers will clearly see whether a website is secure or not before clicking into it. To optimize for search engines and visitors, webmasters need to attain and renew website HTTPS certificate regularly.

Website security is a best practice for all businesses and organizations that want to optimize their search engine performance, establish credibility with visitors, and maintain a professional web presence.

Google Jobs, Google Business Listings and other search result types

This new feature also appears in other types of information organized by Google, such as Google Jobs, local business listings or other features, Google will display a description about how Google sources that information from sites on the web, or from businesses themselves.

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