Amplify SEO throughout your entire website revamp journey

Safeguard SEO for your Website Revamp

Aloha Revamplify is a cutting edge website revamp platform thar centralizes all migration mapping within a single platform using historical data reference including SEO data, webpage screencaps and redirection accuracy.

Revamplify taps into valuable data to help ensure an SEO-friendly website revamp plan along with a structured migration process. It provides SEO data so that you can evaluate and plan which pages to migrate. You can also leverage the platform to instantly health check your site.

How do you plan and evaluate what webpages to migrate to your new website?

Do you have data backing up for your website migration? How do you make sure all the valuable webpages are migrated? Revamplify consolidates valuable website data including impressions, clicks and average positions, as well as backlinks data of each webpage. The data helps our clients to understand SEO values of webpages within the old website. With these insights, during new website structure planning, we can ensure that webpages with significant SEO values are migrated to the new site.

Let Revamplify streamline and standardize website migration workflow

Frustrated with the many manual processes during website migration preparation and check? Here you can manage them with just a few clicks.

Revamplify automates screenshots and source code capturing of the old website at the initial stage of the website revamp plan. This allows you to revisit the old webpage format even after the new site is launched to ensure page content is mapped correctly.

Once your new site is launched,  Revamplify automates redirect status check at your fingertips. The platform will run a thorough health check, listing out all correct and incorrect redirects compared to your initial migration plan. 

Amplify Your Website SEO Throughout The Entire Revamp Journey

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Enable SEO Analytics

Analytics to concretely depict the impact of old webpages to plan out new website structure and content

Centralize all migration mapping

Centralizing all migration mapping into singular platform with historical data reference including SEO data, webpage screencaps and redirection accuracy

Improve redirects accuracy

Automating health check to ensure accurate redirections and allow instant fixes to minimize traffic loss after revamp

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