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As an SEO company with local and regional reach, SEO technology and knowledge knowhow are at the core of our digital solutions portfolio. Aloha strives to help enterprises improve website ranking and enhance their digital presence.

Under a dynamic and evolving search environment, it is vital to act quickly to changing algorithms. Aloha emphasizes its use of its proprietary SaaS technology implement big data, AI and automation to act first, act fast and act to improve for both the short and long term.

Our range of SEO solutions ensures that your website is optimized both in the technical and creative (content) aspects to attract optimal levels of your audience.


Refining the in-and-outs of the website so it can be indexed and ranked optimally by search engines. This involves:
Website Structure

Website Structure

Content Management

Relevant Content

meta tagging

Meta Tagging

Link Usage

Link Usage

page experience

Page Experience

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring Tools


Building up page rank by establishing and developing quality inbound links from websites relevant to your own page. This involves:
Social Plugins

Social Plugins

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Back Links

Back Links

Directory Listings

Directory Listings

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving ranking and generating traffic organically from search engine results. It comprises of a mix of strategies to refine website visibility so that it can be indexed and ranked by search engines.

SEO revolves around improving the search engine results page (SERP) ranking, which pushes your site above your competition.

SEO is an evolving ongoing process

Search engine algorithms are refined constantly to meet market demands in providing an optimal user experience when searching for proper content. The frequent changes make SEO a continual process of adaptation.

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Aloha’s own SEO tech platform that offers you in-depth insights on user search behavior to help you understand your brand position and content strategies.

Site Health Enhancer (S.H.E.)

Wouldn’t it be great if a platform could warn you about technical SEO mistakes? S.H.E. is Aloha’s self-created tool which makes this dream a reality.

Quanery Lite

Quanery Lite is designed to help marketers focus on key metrics on reporting for their SEO performance. Major functions include keyword rank check, backlinks check, speed test and more.


Getting lost in your website revamp and migration process? Aloha’s Revamplify ensures an SEO-friendly website revamp plan along with a structured migration process.

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