AllianzGI Fuels Website Revamp SEO with Aloha

The Brand


Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) is one of the world’s leading active investment management firms. AllianzGI offers its clients a wide range of actively managed strategies and solutions across the risk and return spectrum. Reinforced by its tagline “Active is: Allianz Global Investors”, the company stresses on a proactive approach in creating and sharing value with clients, ensuring a superior experience for all clients of different investment needs in the region.

Challenge & Goal

  • The campaign targets to make the corporate website easily searchable after its revamp, increasing brand awareness and boosting business performance in the product level.
  • The campaign targets to gain a holistic view of online performance for comprehensive evaluation and key learnings takeaway.






Average Position

from 5.18
to 2.32

Source: Google Search Console (July – September 2017)​

As a result of the successful website revamp, the revamped website was able to be ranked on search engines within 4 days. Aloha has set up a solid SEO foundation for the new AllianzGI website, as well as creating the opportunity to significantly improve organic search rankings and overall online presence of the website. Monthly impressions has increased by 1.91x in Hong Kong. In Singapore, monthly impressions grew by 5.45x, with 12.6x more clicks weekly.

In terms of brand awareness, Aloha has driven great result for AllianzGI. According to Allianz Global Investors Brand Tracking Study 2017 researched by the Nielsen Company, brand awareness was successfully strengthened from ranking 4th in 2016 to 3rd in 2017 for Hong Kong region.

Within a year after the revamp, ongoing SEO has achieved impressive results for the Hong Kong website. Among all company locations globally, Hong Kong website ranked no. 1 in terms of monthly sessions, according to Allianz Global Scoreboard 2018 June.

Strategy & Solution

  • Data-driven decision making:
    Aloha has delivered powerful insights by analyzing previous and ongoing website traffic data from a mix of in-house and third-party SEO tools. This helps AllianzGI identify and categorize webpages by focus and business priority.
  • Spot potential SEO opportunities:
    Aloha has provided comprehensive sharing and technical consultation on SEO elements for the website revamp projects, to ensure every page follows SEO best practice with correct elements placed on page. After having Aloha review their CMS to evaluate its SEO applications and possible limitations, Aloha provided respective guidelines for AllianzGI to implement its on-page SEO standard.
  • Start small with transparent timeline:
    The website migration project was conducted in well-structured phases based on content priority and impact; to ensure smooth transition with minimized errors. With our expertise in technical SEO, our team minimized potential traffic drops by ensuring the newest revamp content is shown in search results.
  • In-depth content analysis and keywords research:
    With accurate tracking, captured data provides valuable insights in terms of user search behavior and keyword/page visit mapping behavior, enabling AllianzGI to optimize keywords to the correct content to cater to their audience

Aloha is one of the top industry experts in the local market of search engine solutions. Adding to its multi-lingual ability, professionalism and flexibility, the team is very result driven, and has consistently achieved expected results. Their quality of work compares well with what a 4As firm has to offer.

Marco Tang, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Allianz Global Investors