Cityplaza Takes Hongkongers to Cozy Christmas with Aloha

The Brand

Cityplaza, owned by Swire Properties, is one of the largest shopping malls on Hong Kong Island, bringing together 170 international brands, a 5-star Cineplex, and an exciting ice rink. With its tagline “Live Happy”, Cityplaza stresses on being the ultimate source of fun and entertainment in Hong Kong.

Challenge & Goal

  • The campaign targets to raise brand awareness for Cityplaza as a holiday destination for festive entertainment amidst strong competition for leisure events over the Christmas period 
  • The campaign targets to boost online traffic and engagements, and to drive customers to the shopping mall 
  • The campaign had a time-sensitive element given a short planning period as well as contingencies and revisions made to cater to the political environment at the time. It was important to be flexible and offer various alternatives and plans that can help to maximize audience reach

Strategy & Solution

Strategically designed media plan to maximize campaign ROI: The Cityplaza Christmas campaign focuses on 2 key marketing messages: promoting Cityplaza’s 2019 Christmas theme while increasing awareness on the mall’s Asia Miles redemption program over the break. With in-depth knowledge in capabilities of various media channels, Aloha’s team tailored an integrated digital media plan with the best fit channels to optimize results getting across two key marketing messages.

  • Tapped into Asia Miles related audience
    Asia Miles members were key target audience for the mall’s redemption program. Aloha utilized the advanced targeting options of 3rd party audience lists available on DV360 to drill down to Asia Miles related audience. Through the platform, we also enabled ads to be displayed in various websites and mobile apps to enrich the campaign’s online presence.
  • Fostered engagement with lifestyle related audience
    To promote the mall’s Christmas theme, lifestyle related audience was another target segment focus of the campaign. Having assessed the audience reach of various channels, Aloha identified Innity as a good fit for the Christmas campaign due to its extensive reach to lifestyle topics related audience and engaging ad formats available. Our team orchestrated a rotating ad format which allows a variety of content and promotion details to be shown in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

Cityplaza-Digital-Marketing-Innity1 Cityplaza-Digital-Marketing-Innity2 Cityplaza-Digital-Marketing-Innity3 Cityplaza-Digital-Marketing-Innity4

With the engaging ad format, consumers can understand and remember promotion details at ease.

  • Captured the moment of truth of potential visitors nearby
    To hit potential visitors in the local region, Openrice is another key platform adopted as part of the media plan. The team utilized geographical targeting in Openrice platform to target searchers of the nearby region, successfully capturing intention of holiday shoppers at the moment of truth.
  • Implemented data-driven retargeting
    To level up precision targeting, our team leveraged VPON’s targeting capabilities to retarget from previous campaign data. With its feature to track and retarget individuals, mobile campaigns are proved to be more constructive.
  • Enhanced brand reach and frequency
    To optimize campaign reach, the team has adopted vast-reaching media platforms like YouTube and DV360 for video and display ad formats respectively. YouTube, being the largest online video platform, and DV360, being the largest display network, are proved to be effective platforms to drive ad recall and call-to-action, helping the mall become top-of-mind when visitors are ready for holiday shopping. For example, on YouTube, a quick, clear and simple call-to-action message, coupled with the use of Bumper ad format, is designed to make it easy to understand and recall.

Cityplaza-digital marketing- youtube

Quick and simple message is delivered in bumper ad format to raise awareness and call to action.


By leveraging media channels with advanced targeting features and vast-reach inventory, the integrated digital media campaign has generated impressive results, raising brand awareness of Cityplaza, increasing online presence and driving offline traffic to Cityplaza shopping mall.

  • Impactful Brand Reach: The campaign has reached a large audience segment through various channels especially YouTube and DV360.
  • Brand Recall and Call-to-action: Repeated views of the YouTube Video Ad have reinforced the mall’s Christmas theme.
  • Reaching the Right Audience with Quality Engagement: The ad has stimulated active interaction with audience on Innity, resulting in high engagement rate.
  • Capturing Real-Time Interest: The ad has successfully generated great results targeting potential visitors who have shown intention visiting nearby area.
  • Optimized Campaign ROI: Under careful monitoring, our team has reduced CPC by 34% comparing estimated and actual CPC on VPON Display Ads, and by 60% comparing estimated and actual CPC on YouTube Video Ads